Services and Pricing for Therapeutic Phlebotomy

Explore our Therapeutic Phlebotomy and support services. Our pricing is determined on a per-visit basis.

Therapeutic Phlebotomy

What is Therapeutic Phlebotomy?
A specialized blood draw procedure used to treat conditions such as hemochromatosis and polycythemia, where there is too much iron or an excess of red blood cells in the blood.

Procedure Overview:
Pre-Procedure Health Screening: Includes checks for blood pressure, hemoglobin, and pulse.
Blood Draw: Conducted by trained phlebotomists, with the amount of blood drawn as determined by your doctor.
Post-Procedure Care: Detailed instructions and follow-up to ensure optimal recovery.

Cash price:
$199* (Insurance may cover if authorized by medical necessity.


9 AM - 5 PM: $199