Advantages Of Therapeutic Phlebotomy During TRT

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can seem like a puzzle. But don’t worry, we’ll piece it together here.

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The Concept Of Therapeutic Phlebotomy

After discussing testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), let’s explore another key concept. That’s therapeutic phlebotomy. But what is therapeutic phlebotomy?Let’s break it down. Think of therapeutic phlebotomy as a medical procedure. It’s like a safety valve to remove excess iron and red blood cells from your body.

How it works

1. Doctor's Visit and Prescription

Schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider.
Discuss your condition and the need for therapeutic phlebotomy.
If therapeutic phlebotomy is deemed necessary, your doctor will provide a prescription order.

2.  Scheduling with BayPLS

Once you have your prescription order, reach out to BayPLS.
Provide your prescription order to the BayPLS team.
BayPLS will help you schedule an appointment for your therapeutic phlebotomy procedure.

3. Performing the Procedure

On the day of your appointment, arrive at one of our convenient locations: San Bruno or San Francisco.
Our trained professionals will perform the therapeutic phlebotomy procedure as prescribed by your doctor.
BayPLS will re-check your hemoglobin level on site to ensure you are within the procedure range.
Follow any post-procedure instructions provided by our team to ensure a smooth recovery.

Covid-19 precautions


Our clinicians are all vaccinated against COVID-19


Our equipment is sanitized between appointments


Our staff wear clean masks and gloves for each visit

how it works

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