Bringing Fertility Treatment Home

BayPLS collaborates with fertility providers to provide on-demand fertility concierge care, available wherever and whenever it's required.

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What we do

Redefining Fertility Treatment

We're committed to revolutionizing fertility care through in-home services. As your trusted fertility partner, we work closely with your practice to expand your reach beyond traditional clinical environments. This approach enhances patient comfort and brings a new dimension to fertility care.

How it works

1. Treatment Coordination

Our skilled team will collaborate closely with your practice to coordinate patient treatment plans, crafting a customized approach that aligns with your medical requirements. Rest assured, we strictly adhere to safety regulations and maintain HIPAA compliance throughout the entire process, prioritizing the well-being and privacy of all involved.

2. Convenient Care Delivered

By partnering with BayPLS, your patients can enjoy the convenience of our concierge fertility services, bringing care right to patients doorsteps.

3. Expert Guidance and Support

Our team is dedicated to addressing queries and ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

How it Works

Transforming Healthcare Access

Our patient-centric approach ensures fertility and lab services are available wherever needed within the Bay Area. When forming a new partnership, we strive for a long-term commitment, working hand in hand with your practice to ensure seamless patient care coordination and personalized solutions.

Why BayPLS?

Compassionate Care

We believe that compassionate care is the heart of every successful healthcare journey. By bringing our services to patients' doorsteps, we ensure they receive the attention and support they deserve in the comfort of their familiar surroundings.

Greater Flexibility

Patients' can enjoy the flexibility of scheduling appointments at times that suit their routine. By bringing care to patients' homes, we foster a patient-centric approach that leads to improved health outcomes.

Improved Outcomes

Gain a powerful ally that complements your services and capabilities. By embracing in-home care, patients not only benefit from convenience but also discover a significant reduction in anxiety and stress.

Covid-19 precautions


All clinicians are vaccinated against COVID-19.


Equipment is sanitized between appointments.


Staff wear clean masks and gloves for each visit.

Redefining Patient-Centric Care

Elevating Fertility Journeys

We share the same commitment as you: providing exceptional healthcare to patients. By collaborating with us, you can take your patient care to the next level. Join us as we create a more accessible, convenient, and compassionate healthcare ecosystem for patients and providers.

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