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Appointments and records for COVID-19, Flu, and Mpox.


Our company offers a diverse range of available vaccines to meet your specific needs. Call, email, or schedule online to make an appointment today.

Available Vaccines:

  • COVID-19
  • Flu
  • MPOX
  • Pneumonia
  • Shingles
  • TDAP

COVID-19 vaccine (1-3 doses or a booster), Flu, or Mpox can be booked through the California Department of Public Health. Scheduled appointments and walk-ins are both available. In qualified cases, free rides are also provided to these locations. If you have already received your vaccine, a lookup of the record and the ability to download a printed verification is available.

You can also receive our in-home vaccination services that are available across the San Francisco Bay Area, which means that if you live in this area, you don’t need to visit a hospital or go to the testing lab yourself. Once your appointment is confirmed with our specialists, we will visit your house and take the sample. If you need help navigating your insurance, our experts can also assist you in that process.

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BayPLS locations

San Bruno

Below Davita Kidney Care

841 San Bruno W, Ste 100 San Bruno, CA 94066


  • Monday-Friday: 9 AM-5 PM
  • Saturday-Sunday: CLOSED


  • Tel: +1 (415) 300-4436
  • Fax: +1 (415) 367-1514
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Experience healthcare on your terms with our convenient in-home services. We're committed to enhancing your well-being and making lab testing a stress-free experience. Your health is our priority, ensuring you can focus on what matters most - your health and peace of mind.