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Blood Draw

Blood draws at your home, office, or our patient service center

Blood Draw

Schedule a phlebotomist for a convenient visit at your home, office, or our patient service center in San Bruno.

Mobile Blood Draw

Every BayPLS phlebotomist comes prepared with the necessary tools and equipment  to complete your lab order on-site, including portable centrifuges or refrigeration if samples need freezing or chilling. We offer the convenience of processing and delivering these samples to a laboratory or courier company, ensuring efficient and secure handling.

Therapeutic Draw

Therapeutic Blood Draw services involve the controlled removal of blood to manage specific medical conditions. Our Therapeutic Blood Draw services provide a supportive approach to managing medical conditions that require periodic blood removal. With a focus on your comfort and well-being, our skilled professionals ensure a smooth and safe experience.

Blood Draw Kits

Whether you're monitoring your health, managing a medical condition, or participating in research, we can collect, process, and ship your specimen for any kits that you have received from your provider insuring your process is hassle-free. Please note that BayPLS solely performs the collection of samples required for testing and does not sell blood draw kits, and a lab order is required to make an appointment.

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Experience healthcare on your terms with our convenient in-home services. We're committed to enhancing your well-being and making lab testing a stress-free experience. Your health is our priority, ensuring you can focus on what matters most - your health and peace of mind.