Mobile Services for Clinical Trials

Expand research capabilities with in-home healthcare services for clinical trials.

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What we do

Partnering for Patient-Centric Clinical Research Solutions

BayPLS provides mobile healthcare services that can elevate the clinical trial experience and increase participation. Our services are tailored to the researcher's preferred location, whether in participants' homes, at one of our patient service centers, or somewhere else. With our commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to providing healthcare solutions that meet the unique needs of clinical trials.

How it works

1. Coordinate Research Requirements

We'll work closely with your research team to understand the specific requirements and objectives of your clinical study. This crucial step ensures that our services align perfectly with your research goals.

2. Convenient Sample Collection

With the research requirements coordinated, our skilled professionals will visit the patients' preferred locations, whether it's their homes or another designated site, to collect the necessary samples with precision and care.

3. Sample Delivery

After sample collection, we'll ensure they're promptly delivered to the lab of your choice.

Covid-19 precautions


All clinicians are vaccinated against COVID-19.


Equipment is sanitized between appointments.


Staff wear clean masks and gloves for each visit.

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Transforming Research Experiences

We believe in building lasting partnerships based on trust, professionalism, and exceptional service. Our partnership is about advancing medical knowledge, supporting groundbreaking research and contributing to global healthcare advancement. Together, we can extend your reach and overcome challenges.

Why BayPLS?

Compassionate Care

Gain a dedicated ally committed to meeting your research needs while emphasizing a friendly approach. Our team understands the value of cultivating a positive and comfortable experience within clinical research settings.

Convenience Redefined

Our home-based services eliminate the need for patients to travel to medical facilities for testing. By bringing care to patients' homes, we foster a patient-centric approach that leads to improved outcomes.

Improve Adherence

Delivering care to homes inspires participants to adhere to clinical trial plans, while alleviating anxiety and fostering a sense of comfort. By bringing care directly to them, we enhance their commitment to the research process and contribute to more meaningful results.

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A proud partner to many innovative and forward-thinking organizations in our industry.

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